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PunkPD specialises in Coaching firmly grounded in Meta-Coaching, Neuro-
Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics and Positive Psychology

Delivering face to face and virtual programs across Australia 

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Abby, PunkPD’s Director, has extensive Coaching experience and is uniquely and highly trained. She has international certifications as both a Meta-Coach (ACMC-P) and an Integral Semantics Facilitator, in addition to a Masters Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuro Semantics. 

Abby is able to develop rapport quickly and uses a wide range of innovative Coaching techniques to facilitate client growth.

PunkPD provide 5 primary types of Coaching across a range of areas:



For those wishing to expand their professional impacts and repertoire of leadership and people management skills.



For those seeking a

career change, promotion, interview and application skills, increased confidence, or those unsure of their ‘next step’


For new or existing teams who want to solidify, refresh or design their approach to collaboration and performance, navigate change successfully, innovate or redesign a process or product, or repair relational breakdowns



For couples who wish to set themselves up for success, fine-tune their relationship or repair and rebuild


For individuals seeking to amplify self-improvement, increased ‘consciousness’ and self-awareness and behaviour change. 

Assessments and Psychometric tools such as the MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Test, Genos, the Enneagram and the HBDI Thinking Preference Tool can be requested to support Coaching outcomes (individual, team or relationship).

Coaching can occur face-to-face, phone or via various online video platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.



Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Creating the space to have the volume on your own voice turned way up.


While it’s great to turn to those in our lives we trust for advice (our parents, colleagues, partner, friends), their advice is naturally from their perspective and is infused with their values, experiences and beliefs about the world.


Their advice, although well-intentioned, is usually not the best fit for you. Coaching helps you to find and tune into what is true for you.

Being able to construct a narrative for ideas that can be complex to identify and explain (even to ourselves).


For example, our core skills, leadership philosophy, personal values, inner conflict, etc.


This helps to maximise your ability to communicate with and influence others (for example in ‘managing up’, preparing for an interview, effectively leading a team, navigating conflict), as well as consciously identify and label what is of core importance for you  

Finding or creating your own ‘answer’ that is the best fit for your holistic self and distinct circumstances.


The purpose of our Coaching is not for the Coach to provide the answer, but to facilitate you creating your own. 

Identify and unpack


Why you may have pervasive un-resourceful behaviours (habits) in your life and gain the skills to tweak these into resourceful strategies

Increased personal confidence!


This can manifest in increased ability to show up authentically- shedding the need to play a role or meet other’s expectations, engaging in tough conversations, providing feedback, identifying core needs, taking personal responsibility, and increasing resourceful strategies

Enhancing all areas of Emotional Intelligence

Finding or creating your own ‘answer’ that is the best fit for your holistic self and distinct circumstances.


The purpose of our Coaching is not for the Coach to provide the answer, but to facilitate you creating your own. 

Gaining the tools


To create change and consciously engineer success in key areas (whether to beliefs, values, behaviours, outcomes, relationship dynamics, parenting style, leadership, etc) 

Increasing leadership skills

Unique Tool


PunkPD have a unique tool to help you successfully prepare for interviews and identify your core skills and abilities




Coaching methodology PunkPd Abby Rees

PunkPD specialises in Coaching firmly grounded in Meta-Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics and Positive Psychology.


Our Coaching facilitates development through consciousness-raising and self-actualisation processes.


Using these techniques, the client can transform their potential into capability.


Coaching aims to create transformational, lasting and intentional changes in emotion, behaviour and cognition to support our client’s chosen result. 

The Meta-Coaching approach fosters visibility of each person’s ‘human software’.


This includes behaviour (physical and actual ways of being in the world) and the ‘invisible processes’ that drive our behaviour (values, thought patterns, habits, frames, beliefs, meta-programs, challenges).


When these things become visible, the client can make intentional changes to both their behaviour and thought patterns to get new results. 

"These neuro-semantic models are now leading the field of Coaching as they describe the psychology of human functioning, communication, change and transformation, self-actualization, system thinking, and the coach's skill of process facilitation"


(L. Michael Hall, PhD, 2015).

Not sure if Coaching is for you? 

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