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The PunkPD Experience

We specialise in all things human-human emotion, cognition and behaviour.

At PunkPD our central goal is to transform 'potential' into capability, whether for organisations, individuals, couples, families or teams.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


Simply put, we strive to make life easier for people through our Coaching, Professional Development Strategies, Public Speaking, Facilitation and Cultural Uplift Designs.


PunkPD Experience Abby Rees

Our approach is deeply rooted in positive psychology, neuroscience and contemporary research.


We believe in the inherent curiosity and existing expertise people bring into learning.


We reflect this by creating intelligent professional development that accesses and amplifies all areas of capability. 

We excel in making complexity accessible by turning the ‘invisible’ human experience into the tangible and visible.

This may include breaking down workplace skills, capabilities, processes or the hidden skills inherent in emotional intelligence.


We do this by skilfully creating a psychologically safe learning environment, harnessing what people already know, creating a shared language, using visual models and mapping relatable frameworks.

This enables people to name, acknowledge and understand. 

The translation from the complex to the clear empowers people to make conscious and deliberate choices about their emotion, behaviour and cognition.


When we can name and understand our experience, we can consciously engineer our success.

In the words of the awesome Brene Brown (2021)...

“Language is our portal to meaning-making, connection, healing, learning, and self-awareness. Having access to the right words can open up entire universes.


Without accurate language, we struggle to get the help we need and our ability to make sense and share it with others is severely limited.


Language shows us that naming an experience doesn't give the experience more power, it gives us the power of understanding and meaning.”

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


We create intelligent learning opportunities with unparalleled energy and excellence and, using our unique Group Coaching methodology, we ignite curiosity, active engagement with the content, ideas and each other. 

What is PunkPD’s Group Coaching Methodology?

When we are facilitating programs and groups of people, we design using our own unique Group Coaching Framework (as opposed to a traditional 'training' approach).


A Group Coaching Framework is PunkPD’s signature style. It enables our programs to be delivered flexibly and responsively, adapting to client and participant needs as they arise.


This real-time responsivity ensures that the best techniques are used to effectively coach and facilitate each unique group depending on their individual motivations, needs, foundational knowledge, levels of interest and pre-conceptions.


This responsive and adaptive approach is essential to achieve the depth of personal change often required in what we do, enabling a greater organisational behaviour shift. 


Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

People learn best when they are actively engaged in the process.


This can take various forms such as curiosity, wrestling with new ideas, refining old ideas and integrating different perspectives.

It doesn’t always feel comfortable. Confusion, discomfort, not knowing and the process of revising what we thought we knew are also vital parts of the learning process. 

To share from the perspective of Mary Slaughter and David Rock (of The Neuroleadership Institute):


“To be effective, learning needs to be effortful. The key here is desirable difficulty. The same way you feel a muscle ‘burn’ when it's being strengthened, the brain needs to feel some discomfort when it's learning. Your mind might hurt for a while but that's a good thing.”

Similarly, as Adam Grant writes in Think Again (2021):

“Intelligence is traditionally viewed as the ability to think and learn. Yet in a turbulent world, there's another set of cognitive skills that might matter more: the ability to rethink and unlearn.”

Because of this vast array of research into how humans learn, PunkPD believe that there is no such thing as ‘passive learning’.

As a result, we are not a ‘Power-Point and workbook’ focussed company. We don’t approach teaching and learning as a transaction (one passing knowledge to another), but as a journey created through engagement, curiosity and dialogue (akin to the Socratic method). 

Enhancing our Group Coaching approach, we encourage people to take notes of their own as these are more meaningful and contribute to transferring learning from short to long term memory. We encourage people to take photos of all the live drawings and diagrams as their learning records.


We specialise in providing the space and prompts to encourage people to think differently about what they do and why they do it.


Our workshops blend theory, tools and practical application and require engagement and involvement from participants. 

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


Effective partnership is key to excellence. We work with clients who value our partnership approach and view us as a trusted advisor on their transformation journey.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

We work with clients who are eager to think differently and who also value energy, excellent and tenacity. We work with those who might consider themselves to be a ‘rebel thinker’…

With rich experience in facilitating and Coaching diverse groups, including navigating through highly sensitive and contentious issues, the PunkPD team have extensive experience across industry, community organisations and government sectors, including Local, State and Federal.

We have successfully designed and delivered programs for a wide range of participant audiences, ages, purposes and backgrounds including (to name just a few) CEO’s, Lawyers, Senior Accountants, Cleaners, people with MSID (Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability), people from non-English-speaking backgrounds, senior academics, senior leaders and teachers.

People who engage PunkPD do so because they seek innovative, dynamic and sustainable solutions for their organisations and desire the high energy delivery style, commitment to absolute excellence and the tenacity we bring to every program.

PunkPD exists to be a trusted partner for people, teams and organisations to elevate their lives. 

Our values-based approach of energy, excellence and tenacity, provides our clients with an unparalleled experience. We love to call this ‘The PunkPD Experience…’

Because we engage as partners, our advice will always reflect our desire for the best outcome for our clients. However, with our extensive experience comes the knowledge that no matter how awesome we are at our job (and we are), there are other factors that contribute to the outcomes and ultimate success of any program or event. 

We work with our partners during the design phase to consider these additional aspects. These can include access to natural light, space, refreshments, an appropriate environment and quality communication.


If we offer suggestions through our design process, it is always through the lens of achieving the best possible results for you, our client and the participants on whose behalf you are engaging us. It is done with love, expertise and a commitment to living our values.



We want to make it clear how PunkPD stands out from the crowd

We want to make it clear how PunkPD stands out from the crowd:

  • PunkPD are experts in humans- human emotion, cognition and behaviour. Our love of human dynamics, functioning, and layers of complexity are why we get up in the morning! 

  • You will deal directly with our Director for your project- there will be no 'middleman':

    • PunkPD's Director, Abby Rees

  • Abby is a uniquely trained International Meta-Coach and Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Master Neuro-Semantics Practitioner and Integral Semantics Facilitator

  • Abby is supported by: PunkPD's Senior Consultant, Joe Murphy

  • We are a small team by design because to us, quality is everything!

  • Abby and Joe are pretty amazing people with ample experience. They are relatable as personable and will develop strong and trusting relationships quickly. They aren't the typical 'consultants in suits':

  • Abby has 25 years’ experience in the Behaviour Change industry and has developed and delivered successful leadership programs nationally. She is routinely invited to speak at leadership events across the country, particularly for her expertise in Cultivating an Innovative Mindset and Becoming a Conscious Leader

PunkPD does not provide 'power pointless’ presentations.

These often occur when consultancies are trying to re-use old material. On the contrary, our programs are dynamic, experiential, engaging and consistently receive utterly outstanding reviews from clients. We create everything fresh to meet your needs and will be agile and responsive throughout the program

  • We see ourselves as your partner and trusted advisor and will work directly and closely with you to achieve the best possible outcomes

  • PunkPD lives and breathes the values of Energy, Excellence and Tenacity. We will not stop until each program achieves its objectives and achieves them to a standard of Excellence! 

  • We bring ample energy to boost and engage people throughout the learning process because we are deeply aware of the effects of 'emotional contagion'. Therefore, we strategically plan for and create an emotionally energetic, positive and creative atmosphere. We call this ‘creating grace in the space’

  • PunkPD is local and fully invested in developing the Canberra Community and the organisations that will lead to its continued success, sustainability and economic viability so that we remain one of the top places to live in the world

  • PunkPD are registered providers through the ACT Whole of Government Panel of Training Providers, the Federal Government’s Digital Marketplace and the Teacher Quality Institute.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


Our team includes truly awesome humans! Our team is purposefully small because of our highly unique approach to what we do and our absolute commitment to excellence.

To us, quality is everything, and our unique skills are to find!


We would rather say no to a client than provide anything (or anyone) less than exceptional.

Abby leads a diverse and skilled team of consultants who have provided high-quality services with PunkPD for over a decade.

We are pleased to have some of Canberra’s most awesome professionals in our flexible workforce. 

Our team motto is: For an effervescent life, keep your thoughts fearless, your emotions constructive and your actions venturesome.


And this is how we live.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Abby Rees

Abby is PunkPD's Director, a self-confessed ‘Education Junkie’, University Lecturer, Education and Empowerment Writer, Behaviour, Change and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, Executive Meta-Coach, Integral Semantics Facilitator and rebel thinker.

Energy, Excellence and Tenacity are not mere words on PunkPD's banner, they capture Abby’s drive and personality, and she embodies these values in all that she does. 

Thriving on new challenges, Abby leads with a level of energy that earned her the nickname '240' (240 Volt) in 2008 from her former colleagues. With the tenacity of a Rottweiler, Abby lives and breathes her programs, providing her clients with a commitment to excellence that is unparalleled. 

Abby has a lively personal presence, strong interpersonal skills, highly tuned socio-emotional skills and uses a wide range of innovative and inventive techniques.


With over twenty years of expertise in the behaviour change industry, Abby has designed and delivered an expansive range of innovative education and capacity building programs, behaviour change initiatives, and cultural uplift strategies.

With rich experience in facilitating and Coaching diverse groups, including navigating through highly sensitive and contentious issues, Abby has extensive experience across industry, community organisations and government sectors, including Local, State and Federal.


Abby has successfully designed and delivered programs for a wide range of participant audiences, ages, purposes and backgrounds including (to name just a few) CEO’s, SES, Lawyers, Senior Accountants, Cleaners, Senior Academics, people with MSID (Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability), people from Non-English-Speaking Backgrounds, Senior Leaders and Teachers. 

  • Content expert on an internationally acclaimed behaviour change program delivered to 5.8 million people, achieving a level of behaviour change that had never been seen before in the world

  • Redesigning an extensive behaviour change program resulting in a 1000% increase in voluntarily participation within three months

  • Designing a Socio-Emotional Tool to effectively instruct students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities (MSID) to identify and self-manage their social and emotional responses, increasing their ability to navigate social complexities and participate in the community post-school

  • Facilitating diverse groups through contentious issues

  • Designing and delivering contemporary, multi-faceted Leadership Development programs with a National roll-out

  • A dynamic and engaging presenter and artistic thinker, Abby's flair for the creative brings originality and panache to all of her projects.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

In addition to being recognised with numerous awards for her work, Abby lives and breathes ‘life-long-learning' and has achieved:

  • Master of Educational Leadership

  • Master Practitioner: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Semantics (MNLP & MNS)

  • International Certification as Neuro Semantic Developmental Meta-Coach (ACMC-P)

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP)

  • Integral Semantics Facilitator Certification (ISF)

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • Bachelor of Education: Inclusive Education

  • Graduate Fellow of New York Un-School of Disruptive Design

  • Graduate Certificate in Public Relations

  • Sustainable Leadership Fellowship Scholarship 

  • Post-Graduate studies in Narrative Therapy and Ethics in the Helping Profession

  • Genos International Certified Practitioner:

  • Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI) Certified Practitioner 

  • MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Test Accredited Practitioner:

Abby is the proud recipient of the coveted Changemaker Award, recognising PunkPD as an innovative ‘disrupter’ and gamechanger in our industry.


She is also the winner of an IABC Gold Quill Award of Excellence and two Public Relations Institute of Australia awards (Golden Target and Victorian Awards for Excellence).


She took home a Highly Commended Award in 2017's Canberra Women in Business Awards and was a finalist in the 2020 Altitude Awards for Business Excellence.


Abby is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society in recognition of her academic excellence. 

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Joe Murphy

Joe’s career spans multiple decades in emergency services and emergency management, including holding senior levels within the ACT Public Service.


Joe thrived in this challenging and dynamic world where he would navigate complex leadership, safety, risk and environmental challenges daily.  He has successfully led people through both extremes of the best day of their life, and the worst day of their life. He has extensive experience planning and responding to major incidents, particularly the 2019/20 Bushfire Season.

As an executive of the ACT Public Service, Joe has worked within and understands Government process, machinery and political priorities. Before finishing this chapter of his career as Chief Officer ACT Rural Fire Service, Joe was the Emergency Services Agency Communications Centre (ComCen) Manager (E000 Centre) and a 21-year career firefighter with ACT Fire and Rescue.

In addition to his decades of service in emergency management, Joe is a keen dragon boater, mountain biker and avid Batman fan. 

Joe possesses the skills, life and work experiences to advise leaders in crisis management, risk analysis, leading people through change, seeking opportunity from challenge and emergency management. Joe’s key skills include:

  • Briefing/debriefing for continual improvement

  • Behaviour de-escalation, conflict and incident management

  • Team building

  • Communications

  • Leadership

  • Thinking outside the box

  • Strategic decision making

  • Media/public presentation

  • Risk assessment and management 

Joe is a leader of inclusion, believing that diversity brings strength, resilience and improvement to any workplace and the community. Similarly, Joe is a firm believer in the power of human communication and has ample media experience. With a mix of humour and straight talk, Joe expertly listens, guides and delves into underlying issues to seek and find gems of opportunity, innovation and resolution.

Join our team
Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


Our team is purposely small because it only includes awesome humans! To us, quality is everything!

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Looking for rad humans!

The essential attributes of PunkPD Team Members:

  • No ‘experience’ facilitating necessary, but mindset and ‘fit’ are essential!

  • Utter and undying thirst for learning and exploration of perspectives, ideas and ways of being (Continuously and forever!!)

  • Understand who we are and what we do and share the same philosophical framework (And can talk about it freely and understands the ‘why’ to our approach) 

  • Initiative and commitment to excellence (The capacity for self-motivation, service to others and support for your team will speak to your passion.) 

  • Person-first focus (The people you are sharing a session with are your focus, your priority and your purpose)

  • Self-awareness (You know your strengths; you play to them. You know your weaknesses; you lean into your edge of development. You take responsible ownership of both successes and failures.)

  • Bonus points for originality and piquing our curiosity! 

Your goal, for every single Coaching, Facilitation, Speaking event or Client meeting is to embody Energy, Excellence and Tenacity.

For when we do this, there will always be people wanting to work with us. Simply put, we create a future for PunkPD by being awesome.


Each and every single time.

We’re always open to awesomeness in a range of areas including: Facilitating, Coaching, ICT skills, Social Media, Culture Change, Leadership, Positive Psychology, Strategic Thinking, Neuroscience, and all things human! 

If reading this has got you even a little bit excited, lean in! We’re after ‘forever people’ who are a perfect cultural fit and who we can invest in and train and grow with!

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