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The Asylum


To continue to expand how we live and embody our values (energy, excellence and tenacity), we have created a space which supports a totally seamless and completely immersive PunkPD ‘Experience’ for our clients, end-to-end.


We’ve called our very own signature space ‘The Asylum’.  We know this invokes images of a bygone institutional era, but we’ve called it this because ‘asylum’ literally means ‘safety, refuge, shelter or protection’. And this is totally reflective of our space.

It’s purpose is to provide a safe haven for ‘rebel’ thinkers, those who want to challenge the status quo, innovate and shake the shackles of norms, constructs and possibilities. In short, it’s the perfect environment for intelligent, thought-provoking Professional Development. 

The space is designed to induce energy, creativity and thinking outside the box through the use of colour, shape, natural light and layout. It’s unlike any space we have ever seen before and it’s been developing in our Director’s imagination for over 20 years. 

Our commitment to sustainability and minimising our environmental footprint was a key consideration throughout our design and remains a focus in our daily operations.


Our tables were crafted by a local builder from reclaimed timber. Our chairs were recycled from Parliament House (a gorgeous piece of history) and were originally crafted in Australia, with Australian materials by a company in Perth.


Our comfort furniture was purchased through local stores and independent or small businesses where possible. All of our art has been sourced by local artists. 

Our space physically supports and visually represents our philosophy and approach and we can’t wait to welcome you!