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Based on an assessment of your unique needs, PunkPD can design and deliver a professional development strategy for you that is bang-on target! 

PunkPD specialises in designing bespoke solutions for your unique workforce.

Professional Development Strategies

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Every workforce is unique and therefore every workforce also has unique learning and education needs. 

These needs typically include wide variances in the following elements:

Personalities, working styles and thinking preferences

Individual levels of change readiness or change fatigue

Communication structures, processes and styles

Embedded cultural norms and ways of doing things

Emotional set-point or general emotional ‘vibe’ of the team

External and internal pressures (political, economic, social, technological, economic, legal and environmental)

While it may seem like an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution is an easy option, we know that un-tailored, repetitive products rarely offer tangible outcomes.


This is because they are not contextualised and the client’s individual needs and circumstances have a big impact on the style, type, content, delivery method and strategies needed to make a professional development strategy successful. 

PunkPD specialises in designing bespoke solutions for your unique workforce.

We pride ourselves on our partnership approach and, when designing your education strategy, we take the time with you to understand and identify:

  • Your unique team or organisational makeup (the elements described above)

  • Your current state

  • What would ‘success’ look like after the implementation of this strategy. What difference are you seeking? What will your people now know, understand, do differently? How will they interact or demonstrate their learning? How will you know this worked? 

  • The level of cultural change we are trying to achieve or the knowledge and/or capability gap that exists between our current and desired states

Based on an assessment of your unique needs, PunkPD can design and deliver a professional development strategy for you that is bang-on target!

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Depending on your requirements, a professional development strategy may include:

  • Education and capacity building programs that are tailor-made for your business needs

  • A combination of Coaching, Culture Change initiatives and Professional Development

  • A choice of, or combination of educational session lengths:

    • Masterclasses (up to 2 hours of facilitation)

    • Half-day (up to 4 hours of facilitation), or

    • Full day (up to 8 hours of facilitation) 

  • Options for various delivery methods:

    • In person, face-to-face

    • Online (through live video conferencing)

    • PunkPD’s own Online Learning Platform: The PunkPD Academy

  • Workshops contextualised for your needs based on our expertly designed suite

  • Completed designs for you to deliver 'in-house'

  • Programs designed and delivered from start-to-finish by PunkPD 

  • Education and development tailored to target the specific needs of different audiences within your organisation. PunkPD created the following framework to categorise audiences and map potential development needs:

    • Universal Development: This is professional development relevant for all staff. What is it you need everyone to be able to know or do? This approach fosters shared capabilities, language, frameworks and understanding

    • Select Development: What is relevant only for certain groups or teams? For example, do you need your leadership teams equipped with different skills (to establish norms and drive cultural change, as an example)? Are there some teams who need more support than others because they have been exposed to greater change and uncertainty? 

    • Targeted Development: This is professional development aimed to support individuals. This is usually a form of Coaching or tailored program to foster the development of a specific skillset or mindset. For example, you may have welcomed a new leader to your team and wish to support them in their first leadership role.

Our Professional Development Strategies can be designed to support:

  • Culture and behaviour change (individual, team and organisational)

  • Improving staff morale

  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence capabilities such as self-awareness, socio-emotional management, and interpersonal skills

  • Building on-the-job skills and capacity 

  • Changing mindsets and behavioural norms

  • Improving wellbeing

  • Supporting teams or organisations through significant change and times of adaptation 

  • Designing and improving the uptake of mission, vision and values

  • Translating and integrating ‘big picture’ goals into BAU (business as usual)

  • Building leadership capability and skills

  • Fostering resilience

  • Managing the successful introduction of a new system, program or process

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra



PunkPD offer the following psychometric assessments and tools which can complement both individual Coaching, Team and Organisational initiatives:

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Genos International Emotional Intelligence and 360 feedback tools

Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI) which assesses individual and team thinking styles and provides key insights self and other awareness

The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator: The Enneagram is personality profiling tool across 9 personality types 

We can also design personalised 360-degree feedback tools and other interpersonal ‘pulse checks’.

The MSCEIT (Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test) was developed by the forefathers of Emotional Intelligence and is designed to assess people's ability to recognise, understand and regulate emotions in themselves and others.


(It is akin to an IQ test for emotional reasoning.)

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


While we focus on designing an Education Strategy specifically for your needs, PunkPD have an expertly designed suite of capacity building tools that focus on a broad range of organisational professional development needs. 

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

We understand that when deciding to undertake or plan for organisational professional development, our suite can also provide a great list of ideas to consider where to start, spark brand new ideas, or help to prioritise potential areas of importance.

We can tailor-make a program exactly for your specifications, contextualise from our existing expert suite, or use these as a springboard for ideas.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


  • Stepping Up: Becoming a Manager or Supervisor

  • Coaching for High Performance 

  • The Contemporary Leader

  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

  • The Conscious Leader

  • Managing Teams in Contemporary Environments

  • Powerful Feedback: Providing feedback that makes a difference

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


  • Career Ninja: Slay your fears and present your best self

  • Empowering Performance Development Plans: Transforming PDP’s from process to powerful

  • Planning for Career Excellence

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


  • Insight: Understanding Unconscious Bias

  • The Masterful REDCO: Becoming a Respect, Equity and Diversity Contact Officer

  • Disability Awareness: The Ability in Disability

  • Respect, Equity and Diversity (RED) in Practice

  • Leading a Diverse Workforce

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


  • The Mechanics of Culture: Understanding and influencing the invisible elements of culture

  • Building a High-Performance Team

  • In the Face of Change: Responding and adapting to change

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


  • Behavioural De-escalation

  • The Neuroscience of Tough Conversations

  • Mastering Time (The keys to maximising your energy and productivity) 

  • Conscious Interactions (Enhancing Workplace Relationships)

  • Strategic Wellbeing

  • Conscious Communication: Communicating with Panache! 

  • The Conscious Mindset

  • Customer Service and Relationships

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


  • Demystifying Innovation

  • Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making Skills

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