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Bursting with a joy for what she does, Abby is passionate about Public Speaking as she views it as a vehicle to create transformational experiences for people within a short time frame. 

Abby values people’s time and energy immensely. If you know Abby, you’ll probably have heard her describe this as the value of human heart beats.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


With an incredibly lively presence and energy that that is experienced in a captivating way, her audiences frequently describe ‘catching’ Abby’s passion and enthusiasm for her topics, even via video conference.

Abby uses a unique blend of humour, theory and practice to make her speeches engaging, useful and impactful.

She expertly combines the following elements into every speech: 


Creating accessible and understandable visibility of the otherwise invisible unconscious machinations of human emotion, behaviour and cognition, to foster conscious awareness and evolved thinking


Drawing on contemporary and cutting-edge research, holistic frameworks, methodologies and innovative approaches


Fostering functional intelligence-not 'information'-by linking the how (knowledge) with the what (practical and implementable skills and capabilities)

Whether you seek something topical, informational, motivational or inspirational, Abby will masterfully create something to shake and stir your audience.


Abby has the demonstrated capacity to create and deliver engaging and motivating speeches, seminars and to events for over 800 delegates both face-to-face and online.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

As examples, Abby's recent speaking engagements have included:

  • Australian Government Legal Service: The Neuroscience of Tough Conversations

  • Australian Computer Society: Being the Disruptor 

  • Society of Hospital Pharmacists Australia: The Mechanics of Workplace Culture

  • National Indigenous Australians Agency: Mastering Time

  • Australian National University, Sir Roland Wilson Foundation: Creating A Conscious Career

  • Institute of Management and Leadership (Formerly AIM): Disruption- It's Personal!

  • ACT Education Directorate: Strategic Wellbeing

  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment: The Neuroscience of Thinking Differently (Neuro-hacks to being innovative and creative)

  • Future of Work: Creating a Mindset for Innovation and Change

  • Australian Public Sector: National Innovation Month: Innovation and the Challenges for SES

  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment: Managing and Building a High Performing Team

  • Australia's Soul Project: 'How to give your Business Wings' following one of her recent Business Awards

  • Two National SEPLA Conferences: Creating Sustainable Culture Change and Building Emotional Intelligence for People with Intellectual Disability

  •  The National Mind Matters Awards Ceremony

  • Two Canberra Business Chamber Breakfast Networking Series: Building our own Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing and Resilience

  • Two National Public Sector Congresses in both Sydney and Canberra: Navigating Diverse Personalities in the Workplace

  • Three Executive Assistant Conferences in Sydney and Canberra: Neuroscience and people management

  • Lecturing at the University of Canberra in the STEM Faculty for four years

Get in touch with Abby to talk through your event needs and ideas and she will create something to excite, motivate and get your audience truly thinking!

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