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Welcome to PunkPD

Abby Rees Punk Pd Canberra

We specialise in humans - human emotion, behaviour and cognition.


If you are visiting us, you are an exceptionally awesome human being seeking something different.

Welcome to the PunkPD Experience.

You’ve found your people.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Incepted in 2008, PunkPD works in partnership with individuals, teams and organisations to design and deliver bespoke & dynamic personal and professional development.


Our services include excellence in Professional Development Strategies, Coaching, Facilitation, Public Speaking and Cultural Uplift.

Using our unique methodology, we create intelligent learning experiences for the rebel thinker that challenge, excite, disrupt and engage.

Our core values are energy, excellence & tenacity. Our purpose is to make life easier for people through facilitating their transformation from potential into capability. 

The PunkPD Experience is for the individual, team or organisation ready for something different.

As proud winners of multiple awards in our industry, including the 2020 National Change Maker Award, get ready for the unexpected

our story

Serving as a trusted partner to our clients, PunkPD is what Martin Seligman (colloquially known as the ‘Father’ of Positive Psychology) would call a Positive Business.


This means that we contribute to commerce through the goal of helping humans flourish. This is in vast contrast from other businesses whose commercial goal is profit.

Abby leads a diverse and skilled team of consultants who have provided high-quality services with PunkPD for over a decade.


We are pleased to have some of Canberra’s most awesome professionals in our flexible workforce. 

Acknowledging our other accolades, we are most chuffed in being the recipient of the highly coveted ‘Change Maker’ 2020 Altitude Award.


PunkPD was recognised for our disruption and industry leadership in carving out a new genre in personal and professional development.

To be recognised for the positive impact we make to the lives of the people we serve and the positive disruption we've made in our industry through this award was just so humbling and deeply affirming all at once.

Abby Rees Punk Pd Canberra

“Winning the Change Maker Award means so much to me!

I've spent my life dedicated to what I call 'the ministry of change.


You might say that I’m intentionally in a constant state of evolution, both professionally and personally.


As an ‘education junkie’ at the core, I am always learning, implementing, growing, changing, theorising, testing, tweaking….”


Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra

Our deeply lived values, partnership approach, unique and creative designs, and the extensive training and experience of PunkPD's Director and Team ensure we are unparalleled in our field. 

Abby Rees Punk Pd Canberra



High Performance Coaching programs to train coaches in the workplace and delivering face to face and virtual programs across Australia.


Whether you seek something topical, informational, motivational or inspirational, Abby will masterfully create something to shake and stir your audience.


PunkPD will create a tailored facilitation experience to ensure you get the most from your staff! Using engaging techniques and effectively managing personnel, participation, creativity and problem solving, PunkPD will help you reach your goal.


Based on an assessment of your unique needs, PunkPD can design and deliver a professional development strategy for you that is bang-on target! 


 We facilitate intelligent conversations to propel your professional and personal development.


Amazing teams do not just happen! We offer  Cultural Uplift Professional Development strategies for teams and organisations.

Abby Rees Punk Pd Canberra

our NAME

PunkPD’s Director, Abby, was always enthralled by the socio-cultural revolution characterised by the holism of the Punk movement -the identity structure, the clothes, the music, the advocacy, the rebellion.

And, as an avid Young Ones Fan (yes, she can still quote entire scenes to this day), she always adored (and related to) Vyvyan’s ‘rip, shit and bust,’ straight-forward approach to communication and life.


Our name is a ‘nod’ to these renegade influences on Abby’s life. 

PunkPD is also an acronym that encapsulates the framing beliefs and critical elements of success that-crafted with precision-are alive within our work.


PARTNERSHIPS Collaboration with our clients



Exploring innovative solutions for evolved thinking



We listen deeply to the needs of our clients.



We create the right mix of multimodal elements for ideal outcomes



PunkPD specialise in all things human- emotion, behaviour and cognition. 



Making complex human mechanics visible



We draw on contemporary and cutting-edge research



We foster functional intelligence




Intelligent conversations for continuous learning and conscious development

Abby Rees Punk Pd Canberra
Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


For an effervescent life, keep your thoughts fearless, your emotions constructive and your actions venturesome. And this is how we live.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


PunkPD’s purpose is to ‘transform potential into capability’. What does this mean for us? We get out of bed with excitement every day simply to make life easier for people!

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


To facilitate the conscious and positive evolution of people, families, workplaces and communities.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


We make the invisible experience of being human visible, so people can make conscious and deliberate changes to their emotion, behaviour and cognition to positively impact their lives.


Understanding and translating the machinations of the human brain and providing a blend of contemporary theory and practice are core to our approach.

Abby Rees, Punk Pd Canberra


PunkPD’s approach and philosophy are built on three central values that we embody in all that we do: Energy, Excellence and Tenacity.


Our values infuse our how, when and why.


Embodying verve and vitality for sustained cognitive rigour, connection and inspirational leadership/influence


The quality of being outstanding and surpassing expectations and standards


The quality of grit, stamina, perseverance and determination

Abby Rees Punk Pd Canberra

Exploring Leadership and Change, 2021

I loved how it was people driven, through conversation rather than death by powerpoint. The real examples were brilliant. Abby not making anyone feel silly saying things. I really loved how Abby knew our names. Her humour made you feel instantly comfortable.

Abby Rees Punk Pd Canberra

Stepping Up and Becoming a Manager, 2021

Today made my unconscious thinking conscious, and broadened my ways of thinking and reacting.

Abby Rees Punk Pd Canberra

Understanding Unconscious Bias, 2021

Strong engagement and extremely well managed as a very dynamic conversation in context of an online environment

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