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What is 'PunkPD'?

PunkPD is the brain-child of a rapid collision between talent and experience. Talent emerged from the personal embodiment of energy, excellence, tenacity and an irregular, creative and passionate perspective.

"As a self-confessed 'knowledge nerd', the experience grew concurrently through my career, continued education and from sitting through too many pointless Professional Development days that I had gleefully signed on for in the hope that I would walk away motivated, refreshed and full of new skills. In addition to being forced like sausage meat through unsuccessful organisational change processes, I was overcome with the conviction that Education and Change did not have to be this way...
And PunkPD was born!"

PunkPD's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is unparalleled.

Abby Elizabeth has an expansive depth of experience within the field of leadership and behaviour change.

Abby has successfully developed and delivered education and change designs for a wide audience base. These include public, private, industry and community orgnisations, people with disabilities and individuals of all ages.

When facilitating and delivering workshops, Abby has the ability to captivate her audience and delivers in an enigmatic and energetic format, having carefully targeted her presentation to the audience-balancing both organsiational and individual needs.

Her knowledge, energy and ability to meaningfully engage with her audience is routinely commented on in session evaluations.

Welcome to the PunkPD Experience